Food & Beverage Flooring


Regardless of whether you’re a grocery store, warehouse, commercial kitchen, or manufacturing production lines, your food and beverage industry has unique flooring demands. These include the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture exposure, chemical sanitization and washdowns, not to mention heavy traffic loads. On top of this, your operations must pass stringent USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards. For example, the Canadian Department of Agriculture – Health of Animals approves 100% epoxy-reinforced wall coatings running continuously from a 10-foot height to tie seamlessly into an epoxy floor overlay. A system such as this would be designed for temperature shock from 5 to 100°C.  

Food and beverage-specific polyurethane concrete and epoxy floor coatings are truly our specialty. Polyurethane concrete flooring technology is designed specifically for the food and beverage industry- ideally suited for institutional kitchens and high-end restaurants. Applied has installed and restored countless seamless, sanitary, anti-slip, and easy-to-clean floors that stand up to high impact, traffic, moisture, and chemicals. Because all of our solutions are without joints or seams like other flooring solutions, they inhibit bacteria growth and are easy to clean. Floor drains and slopes to drains can be installed in any food and beverage space requiring frequent hot water wash downs or chemical exposure. 

 We provide flooring solutions to every size of company all the way up to Molson and Pepsi Bottling Group, and type of food and beverage operation, including commercial restaurants and kitchens, bakeries, food and beverage manufacturing plants, breweries, bottling plants, loading docks, packaging plants, and freezer and refrigeration areas. Areas such as warehouses and grocery stores may have different aesthetic needs as well, where sealed polished concrete floors may be more suitable.

Spaces requiring unique flooring solutions include: Aisleways, Battery Charging Areas, Cafeterias, CIP Areas, Coolers and Freezers, Soup Kettles, Fryer Lines, Intake Areas, Loading Docks, Production and Processing Areas, Restrooms and Locker Rooms, Stairwells, Warehouses, Wash Rooms and Wash Bays. 



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