Cyltron Industries


Project Name: Cyltron Industries

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Owner: Cyltron Industries

Architect: Cyltron Industries

Application: Installation of a urethane concrete floor system into the production area of a renovated manufacturing facility.

Materials Used:

  • Tnemec Series 205 Terra-Tread FC
  • Tnemec Series 237 Power-Tread
  • Tnemec Series 238 Power-Tread FC
  • Tnemec Series 291 CRU
  • Tnemec Series 295 Clear CRU

Environment Exposure:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Impact of carts and forklift traffic

Exposure to strong degreasing chemicals

Selection Process

In early 2006, Cyltron Industries in Oakville, Ontario, had a lot to celebrate. The custom sheet–metal fabrication company was approaching its 20th anniversary, and they had recently expanded and moved into their newly-renovated Oakville location. The owner took a very hands-on approach in the new facility’s renovation process, and wanted to ensure that he explored different products and companies in order to obtain longevity and appearance of his floors. He selected the Tnemec coating system as the best choice for his requirements and also chose Applied Industrial Flooring an approved Tnemec applicator.

The Solution

Tnemec coating systems were specified for the concrete floors of the 28,000 square-foot facility. A prime coat of Series 205 Terra-Tread FC, a polyamide epoxy, was squeegee- and roller-applied to 23,000 square feet of the surface area, following a surface preparation in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE 6. Series 237 Power-Tread, a modified polymine epoxy, and Series 238 Power-Tread FC, a sister product of Series 237 providing half the cure time, were applied as the intermediate coats, allowing for a faster topcoat application. Series 291 CRU, an aliphatic polyester polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance and colorfastness, was then squeegee- and roller-applied to complete the coating system.

“There were an additional 3,000 square feet of concrete flooring that was a designated arc welding area,” noted Tnemec coating consultant, David Walker. “This area required a clear coat system which wouldn’t affect the pigmented flooring.” Series 291 was applied to this area of the facility, along with Series 295 Clear CRU, a chemical-resistant, clear aliphatic polyurethane finish coat.


“Applied Flooring and Tnemec sold these coating systems to the owner over quite a few competitors,” said Walker. “The floor turned out great, and the systems worked seamlessly.”

The owner of Cyltron was very impressed with the appearance, the cost, and the results.

chemical-resistant, clear aliphatic polyurethane finish coat on pigmented concrete floor