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Concrete polishing is a simple, cost effective process that works with the uppermost layer of both old and new concrete floors to micro-buff worn, unattractive concrete floors into a final pristine finish, adding beauty and value to your facility. At less than half the cost of other flooring solutions (between $0.31 and $0.37/square foot per year), the process of concrete polishing mechanically and chemically seals the pores in the concrete, inhibiting penetration of oil, water, and other contaminants. In turn, concrete becomes harder, denser, dust-proof, and extremely simple to clean and maintain. Polished Floors are also stain and slip resistant, aesthetic and reflective, also making cleaning your concrete floors a breeze. 

Polished concrete floors are ideal for commercial spaces that don’t require strict industry code requirements for their flooring. There are a range of finishes available that will offer varying degrees of polish, so you can choose how matte or glossy you would like the floor to be.  This is often the most cost effective, long-term floor solution on the market to breathe life back into your concrete floors, and set them up for yet another life cycle of success. Repolishing should occur only every 6-9 years.

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Our CONCRETE polishing solutions

Applied Industrial Flooring Canada is proud to be a certified applicator of Diamond Plate Concrete Polish Systems. The Diamond Plate Concrete Polishing System is a simple, cost-effective flooring solution for concrete polished floors that transform worn, unattractive concrete floors into brilliant, shiny showpieces, instantly adding beauty and value to your facility. 

This system uses heavy-duty polishing machines with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated discs to mechanically and chemically grind down to their desired degree of shine and smoothness. This seals the concrete’s pores to inhibit penetration of oil, water, and other contaminants. Floors can repel stains, making cleaning your polished concrete floors a cinch.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Questions we get a lot

Diamond Grinding is a multi-step buffing process whereby we grind the concrete surface starting with a coarse diamond/metal grit, and moving to a finer grind for a smooth finish. After the grinding process is complete, a special surface treatment is applied and polished into the concrete pores using another multi-step buffing process from coarse to fine diamond/resin polishing tools. This process of polishing and sealing, and buffing the concrete produces a natural polished concrete floor finish that can last with high-traffic for up to 10+ years.

Yes! Polished Concrete is the eco-friendliest flooring option. Its created from natural rock and water. Reduces carbon footprint. The durability of Polished Concrete means it lasts longer than most products and results in less waste overall which is why its sought after for green-building requirements. Its reflective surface saves on energy costs and is compliant with all LEED standards.

If treated properly, polished concrete floors require very low-maintenance option. The cost of maintenance for Polished Concrete is also very low. Regular sweeping and regular cleaning with PH neutral cleaner is recommended. The cleaner the floor is kept the longer the finish will last. If the surface gets a lot of traffic or the slab is soft, you may occasionally want to complete the last 2 steps of polishing to re-create the shine. Always clean spills quickly.

Concrete polishing should last up to 10 years. The shine may dissipate over time depending on the traffic intensity and cleaning frequency.

Imperfections in polished concrete can come from an array of possibilities. Number one, is poor installation or concrete finishing.
If the floor is older, excessive fatigue from traffic or chemicals that wear down the surface (also known as the near surface wear layer) might be a factor. One of the most important aspects of polishing concrete is proper steps are taken to ensure the surface is prepared, floor is densified properly, and client expectations are managed around proper maintenance.

Commercial concrete polishing is one of the most durable and cost-effective flooring solutions, costing between between $0.31 and $0.37/square foot per year,  installation and maintenance inclusive.