Primary and Secondary Containment coatings


Leakproof Spill containment

Many industrial plants require the use, storage and distribution of chemicals. Facilities that use chemicals are required to adhere to strict policies preventing soil and ground water contamination. Penalties for breaches and spills can be a real threat to any production facility. In order to be OSHA and EPA compliant, industries containing solvent, corrosive, acidic, flammable and where other hazardous substances are exposed require impervious, chemically-resistant sealed barriers known as containment systems to provide primary or secondary layers of safety should leakage or spillage occur. These can go a long way in preventing breaches through containment structures and reducing risk. 

These areas demand expertise and state of the art solutions. These primary and/or secondary containment systems are installed easily and should be sealed with industrial grade polyurethane/polyurea liners. This layer polyurea sealant acts as a more permanent, waterproof cistern liner and ensures your containment areas are strongly protected against leakage that could put employees, surrounding equipment, your facility, and the environment at risk.

The problem
our containment coating Solutions

Applied Industrial Flooring will provide protective barriers for the most demanding conditions.
Solid design of high performance polymer linings for corrosive environments require engineering to meet the specific needs of the facility. Sadly, most failures of these containment systems are the result of poor design and attention to detail.

Key components of the engineered details must include crack repair detail, trench details, terminations and joints in the concrete and barrier system, grout and patches where corrosion has compromised the containment vessel. 

Our customers requires full confidence that the engineered solution will meet or exceed their challenging requirements. By aligning ourselves with world leaders in this technology, Applied is able to offer superior single source warranties, and continue to provide industry-leading containment applications, often a high-density polyurethane and polyurea. 

Our coatings provide a waterproof, chemical-proof, and leak-proof membrane to liquid-containing tanks and their surrounding primary and secondary containment berms/systems. These coatings create an instant bond that reinforces surfaces, and are industrial-grade and impervious to withstand the harshest chemicals, fuel, oils, grain handling, and heavy-duty machinery in the case of liquid leakage in your working facility. Polyurethane and polyurea coatings also protect your physical equipment such as water tanks, silos, and pipelines for a longer life span. 

Benefits of INDUSTRIAL Containment Coatings