Automotive manufacturing & car showroom FLOORs


No matter what type of automotive facility, from dealership showroom to auto manufacturing, one thing is for certain: your floors must withstand the extreme weight of motorcycles, automobiles and other transport vehicles or freightliners on a daily basis. 

From the production of automotive components, to freightliner garage flooring, to consumer-facing automotive repair services or showrooms, floors will be subject to an assortment of harsh chemicals and spills, corrosion, high impact of forklifts, mechanical abrasions, and stains. Over time, these chemical spills can seep into porous concrete beneath, posing both health and environmental hazards to your workplace. Unsealed concrete would chip, scratch, and crumble eventually, and be unable to withstand such demanding conditions over a long period. 

Automotive facilities need floors that are impervious to these factors and won’t degrade under extreme conditions/requirements. These spaces bring in additional considerations such slip-and-fall risks, waterproofing requirements of wash bays and mechanical spaces that face routine soap and water wash-downs, steam cleanings, and hot power washing. 

A seamless, high-performance epoxy or other resinous flooring system provides a range of options and solutions, including slip resistance, chemical-resistance, abrasion-, impact- and traffic-resistance, durability, easy clean-ability, and with the ability to be coloured or accented to your desire. For client-facing spaces such as vehicle showrooms and locker rooms or bathrooms with low impact traffic, polished concrete is a bright, highly reflective, and cost-effective option that is appealing to customers to let your latest-season’s products simultaneously sparkle as the main show.

Spaces requiring unique flooring solutions include: Maintenance and Service Bays, Mechanical Rooms, Freightliner Flooring for Storage or Garages, Restrooms and Locker Rooms, Showrooms, Wash Bays and Car Washes.


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Epoxy waterproof sealant being applied to wash/water well in middle of garage for soap and chemical wash downs of trucks

“Needing to do something about the floors in our service area for the new PDI Mississauga Center, I decided to go with the system Applied Flooring recommended because this would address the floor’s extensive cracking and unevenness; and at the same time, give me a very tough and durable floor. I am very happy with the floor system Applied Flooring delivered. It was exactly what I needed. I will definitely get them involved the next time I need the right flooring solution.”

Service Manager

Kenworth Trucks