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Any concrete or structural build requires a seamless waterproofing sealant over main pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas to protect and extend the lifespan of your investment. Long-term weight impact, abrasion, and small cracks can cause vulnerabilities in structural integrity over time, and cause your concrete to deteriorate at a much faster rate than has to be the case.

For this reason, a traffic-specific waterproofing membrane is necessary to protect and prolong the life of any steel-reinforced traffic-bearing structures where moisture, high-use and chemicals can eventually get at and damage concrete and the underlying steel reinforcements.

Applied’s preparation and installation of high-performance seamless PUMAs, MMAs, and other specialty systems can help. They seal off any concrete substrate needing repair, helping to mitigate surface damage and rehabilitate structural concrete flaws. Our membrane system installations enhance compressive strength, impact resistance and load-bearing capacity, but can also add traction and additional protection to structures, building interiors, parking garages, roads, etc.

Spaces requiring traffic membrane solutions include: condo and other parking garages, plazas, balconies, rooftop terraces, bridges, pool decks, mechanical rooms, ramps, helical turns, ticket splitters, pedestrian decks, athletic surfaces, and stadiums. 


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seamless waterproof polymer traffic membrane on parking garage roof deck Toronto Ontario