Google Offices commercial floor waterproofing


Project Name: Google Toronto Office, Subfloor Waterproofing 

Location: 65 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Application: 5-Part Waterproofing Membrane onto subfloor

Materials Used:

Environment Exposure:

  • Constant Temperature fluctuations of piping beneath subfloor
  • Low Access to Environment in the Case of Leaks
  • LEED raised-access flooring system



Selection Process

As Google chips away at their new 400,000 sq ft office in Downtown Toronto, one flooring requirement for their cafeterias, kitchens, mechanical rooms, change rooms, washrooms, and more were radiant floor heating installed to create an ambiance in the office unmatched by any other competitive tech company. 

The radiant heating piping is placed directly below the subfloor, and to protect the concrete substrate and raised flooring just above from possible future leakage, Applied was consulted for solutions. 

Knowing how difficult it is to access the radiant floor piping in the case of leakage, we opted for a 5-part application of Sika’s durable 390 polyurethane waterproofing membrane to act as a perfect layer of waterproofing between the piping and subfloor, and raised access flooring above. 


The Solution

As with every flooring installation, new or refurbished, we only install on a perfectly prepared surface to ensure the longest possible lifespan for your new resinous flooring application. Our fleet of Diamond Grinders were put to work, preparing the surface for increased bonding of the polyurethane for superior durability. We had to hand grind all smaller spaces around the piping to ensure all crevaces were prepared and provide the longest-term durability upon applying the waterproof coating system.

From here, we applied a 5-step coating of Sika 390 Sikalastic polyurethane waterproofing membrane, which will provide the floor with a long-term flexible waterproofing membrane. This will ensure that should any piping leak or burst, the concrete foundation beneath will remain perfectly protected and undamaged. This also allows for a much easier and lower cost cleanup than should this happen without any concrete waterproofing protection. 


Applied is proud that this solution not only solved the needs and aesthetic desires of Home Hardware, but that it will meet it’s high foot traffic needs while resisting salt-corrosion during the winters. This solution was also installed in one night, leaving zero downtime from regular business operations. 

Client is happy with teh sealed waterproof. 

Sicne google was very pleased with applied’s now been elected to complete the decorative raised access. 

This floor will last for a very long time given the high stress the floor will endure, and is aesthetically-pleasing too. 

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