Warehouse Floors

Warehouse flooring

We at Applied realize that your warehouse floors have to be as perfect as possible, in order to facilitate the efficient movement of stock and personnel.

Warehouses must be organized, clean and professional-looking.

Floor quality is very important in a warehouse as traffic inside is usually very busy. Creating a more safe, optimal and efficient flow of movement is greatly facilitated by having a strong floor profile.

Epoxy flooring is highly recommended for warehouse floors.

Warehouses and storage facilities require a “workhorse” flooring system that will take repeated abuse, yet perform for years to come. Often times, a building owner only has one opportunity to properly treat the concrete floor, and that is when the warehouse is being built before it goes into service.

Warehouse floors can be designed and specified utilizing various floor coating and treatment options. Depending on the intended use of the warehouse facility, these options can range from a simple concrete sealer/polish to a high-wearing thin-film polymer coating system, all the way to a steel-filled 1/4″ thick epoxy mortar system. Additionally, performance characteristics such as cleanability, light-reflectance and surface traction may be a determining factor when designing a warehouse floor.

For over 40 years, the team at Applied Flooring has been recommending and installing warehouse floors throughout Canada and the United States. Our technicians are highly skilled concrete restoration and treatment experts. Our team will work with you to design a warehouse floor system that will meet and exceed your unique performance requirements, while working within your budget constraints.

Options for Warehouse Floors

– Concrete Sealing & Polishing

– Thin-Film Coating System

– Light-Duty Slurry Resurfacer

– Extreme-Wear Epoxy Mortar

– Traffic Line Systems