Safety Floors

Improved safety flooring begins with anti-slip surfaces and clear traffic marking.

Workplace Safety

Safety is a priority in every industry. Slip, trip and fall (STF) accidents injure thousands of workers every year, with nearly 50% of those workers sustaining a severe injury. In fact, 17% of all disabling occupational injuries can be attributed to falls in the workplace.

Workers in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are among the most at-risk for STF-related accidents. This is due to the fact that these workers are constantly on their feet where there is an increased potential for wet, slopped and slippery floors.

Controlling STF Accidents with Safety Floors

No floor can truly be classified as “anti-slip”. However, you can achieve a greatly enhanced level of slip resistance with the use of various aggregates and additives in your polymer floor matrix. Many of Applied’s “Safety Floors” are designed to create highly tractable flooring solutions with the added benefits of easy maintenance and extremely slow wear.

With its vast safety floors installation experience, Applied Flooring can design a floor that will not only satisfy your aesthetic and performance requirements, it will provide a safer surface profile, providing better traction, less accidents and better peace of mind.

Benefits of Safety Floors:

  • Significantly Increased Traction
  • Up to 50% Greater Wear Resistance
  • Longer Service Life
  • Repeatable Textures
  • Lower Maintenance Cost