Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring, Overlays and Concrete

Epoxy flooring solutions are applied over concrete floors to provide a durable, safe and attractive floor.  Perfect for both commercial and industrial flooring, expoxy floors help keep the surface clean, safe and durable.

Concrete floors can be strong and long lasting.  However, the surface or wear layer is usually the weakest part of the concrete. The near surface wear layer receives most of the wear and abuse that comes with an active facility.

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Concrete is porous and is capable of absorbing, oil, dirt, and washdown chemicals that penetrate deep into the natural recesses of the concrete. This contamination results in premature destruction of the concrete and accelerated wear and chemical attack. The porous surface is hard to clean once it becomes contaminated.

Epoxy floor coatings and overlay are designed specifically to deal with these environments and offer solutions that permit the business to continue to operate as a safe, clean and productive workplace.


High Build Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating

High Build epoxy floor coatings are typically applied to concrete surfaces that are in fair to good condition. They provide solutions to some of the challenges that come with the use of concrete floors.  After a thorough preparation of the concrete, high build 100% solids epoxy coatings are applied directly to the concrete surface.

High build coatings offer the following benefits:

• they are economic floor resurfacer
• have excellent adhesion to multiple substrates
• are hard wearing and durable finished surfaces
• have good abrasion and chemical resistance
• can be easily cleaned and maintained
• may require slip resistant aggregate to improve traction
• quick install and turnaround times
• offer a wide variety of colors in a high gloss finish

High Performance Mortar Flooring

In the most extreme environments, high performance trowelled overlays offer vastly improved wear capabilities. These are typically 1/4″ thick trowelled floor systems for heavy duty or extreme environments.High Performance Mortar Flooring

Overlays are very robust and offer durable solutions in the most challenging environments.
High wear capability on extreme surfaces, where other flooring system are unable to handle the traffic, impact or chemical attack.

In areas where the concrete surface has been badly damaged, overlays can provide a new surface that is often much stronger than the original concrete surface.

The process usually involves some in depth needs analysis. The result is a unique design and engineered solution tailored to your specific industrial or commercial needs.

Specific needs may include one or more of the following:

• provide a long term solutions for extreme traffic and high wear related activities
• a system that will withstand chemical attack
• high temperature wash down resistant
• has spark proof or static dissipative properties
• recycled glass for Leed certified or environmental friendly solutions

Overlay systems can be designed with additional features such as:

• highly decorative systems capable of handling heavy loads
• provide a seamless continuous flooring system
• available in a wide variety of colors, and slip resistant textures
• can be installed in short turnaround times.

High build coatings and overlay systems offer a wide variety of solutions to a broad selection of industrial and commercial needs. On-site analysis by well trained personnel requires asking all the right questions. This will ensure that Applied recommendation is the right floor solution for you.

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