Concrete Polishing Solutions

For a floor finish that is durable, attractive and easy to maintain, consider concrete polished floors.  This type of flooring is ideal for commercial spaces.  There are a range of finishes available that will offer varying degrees of polish, so you may choose how matte or glossy you would like the floor to be.This is often the most cost effective long term floor solution on the market.
Polished concrete flooringDiamondPlate Concrete Polish Systems

Applied Industrial Flooring Canada is proud to be a certified applicator for DiamondPlate Concrete Polish Systems.

The DiamondPlate Concrete Polishing System is a simple, cost-effective flooring solution for concrete polished floors that can transform worn, unattractive concrete floors into brilliant showpieces that instantly add beauty and value to your facility. The DiamondPlate polished concrete system mechanically and chemically seals the pores in concrete to inhibit penetration of oil, water, and other contaminants. The DiamondPlate floor repels stains, making cleaning your polished concrete floors a breeze.

Contact Applied for an assessment to determine if a concrete polishing solution is the right choice for your space.  With over 40 years or experience, we have extensive flooring knowledge and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Polished concrete flooring

Floor System Initial Cost Service Frequency Service Rate Cost/Year
Paint $0.60 Reapply 9 months 100%+ inflation $0.80
Acrylic $0.75 Reapply annually 100%+ inflation $0.75
Urethane $1.89 Reapply 2.5 years 100%+ inflation $0.75
2pt Epoxy $2.00 Reapply 2.5 years 100%+ inflation $0.80
Epoxy Mortar $6.50 Reapply 6-9 years 100%+ inflation $0.87
DiamondPlate $2.50 Repolish 6-9 years 33% + inflation $0.31
DiamondPlate $3.00 Repolish 6-9 years 33% + inflation $0.37
VCT Floors $1.50 Replace 6-9 years 100%+ inflation $0.90