Decorative Floors

Applied Industrial Flooring Canada has a variety of decorative flooring options available.

Decorative Floors

There are many options for polymer decorative floors available on the market today. From broadcast vinyl flake, colored quartz and glimmer flake options to metallic particle options, Applied Flooring can help turn your vision into reality. Our technicians have installed tens of thousands of square feet of decorative floors…and we can do the same for you.

Vinyl Flake, Glimmer Flake & Colored Quartz Decorative Floors

Decorative flake and quartz systems are created using industrial-grade flooring polymers combined with either colored vinyl flakes, metallic glimmer flakes or colored quartz aggregate creating a tough, seamless and aesthetically-pleasing flooring system.

Metallic/Pearlescent Epoxy Decorative Floors

Metallic epoxy decorative floors utilize a specialized pigment containing ultra-fine metallic or pearlescent particles. When applied these systems “pop” with brilliance, depth and color creating a three-dimensional appearance mimicking the look of natural stone or granite.

Beauty and Performance

In addition to being aesthetically-pleasing, polymer decorative floors can be designed to meet various performance criteria. Various topcoat options and surface profiles are available to further enhance the system’s performance. Topcoat options range from light-stable epoxies for increased UV stability, high-wear urethanes for increased wear and chemical resistance, to fast-curing polyaspartics for quick turnaround. Optional non-slip and antimicrobial additives can also be added to enhance safety and cleanliness.

Decorative floors are designed for use in any area that requires enhanced aesthetics combined with superior durability, abrasion, wear and chemical resistance. Additionally, polymer decorative floors are easy to clean and maintain and will retain their great looks for years to come. Common areas where polymer decorative floors are utilized include:

– Hallways

– Lobbies

– Cafeterias

– Restrooms

– Showers

– Locker Rooms

– Institutional Areas

– Waiting Rooms

– Labs

– Offices

– Showrooms