Coatings: Epoxy, Urethane, MMA and other

Your Industrial Epoxy Floor Experts


Your concrete floors are designed to be strong and long-lasting. Conrete is also porous by nature, meaning dirt, oil and washdown chemicals can be absorbed, degrading your concrete floors prematurely, and making sanitation difficult thereafter. In an active facility, your concrete floors aren’t just tread on, they’re victim to routine wash downs, chemical attacks (acids, alkali, and other solvents), high-weight or impactful equipment, thermal shock, as well as high-traffic.

We install the most heavy-duty, seamless industrial epoxy flooring systems on the market. These systems are created using a combination of polymer technologies including epoxies, urethanes, aggregates, methyl methacrylates (MMA) and more, applied over concrete flooring to provide a durable, safe, and attractive coating. The compound rests as a coating on top of your existing concrete surfaces, providing a safe, durable, and attractive protection, while restoring flooring integrity to like-new condition. 

The problem

  • Cracked or Damaged Floors
  • Water Damaged Floors
  • Uneven Floors
  • Difficult to Clean and Sanitize
  • Dull and Degraded Floors

Our Solution

Each of Applied’s industrial flooring solutions are generated to specifically solve your business’ operational concerns. Our various coating options can feature a combination of polymer technologies to create floors with antimicrobial, slip-free, anti-static/electrostatic-discharging (ESD), fireproof, spark-proof, thermal shock-resistant, and decorative properties.


  • Jointless and Seamless
  • Virtually maintenance-free. Easy to clean, wax, and keep like new
  • Sterile
  • Resistant to Chemical Washdowns and the Harshest Environments
  • Slip- and Stain-Resistant
  • ESD/Electrostatic-Resistant
  • Impact-Resistant and Withstands Heavy Loads
  • Long-Lasting and Repairable
  • Fast-Curing
  • Expert appearance. Available in any colour or a decorative effect