Who We Are

Mark McLeod became President of Applied Industrial Flooring Canada in 2001 with the goal of becoming the industry leader in the resinous flooring industry. Applied is devoted to providing turnkey flooring solutions to today’s industrial marketplace.

Mark McLeod

Mark McLeod, President (Canada)

Mark has been involved in the construction industry for 30 years. He has acted in the capacity of labourer, salesman, sales manager and regional manager as well as owner of various related businesses. Mark holds an honours degree in Commerce and has now been a part of the seamless flooring industry for over 20 years.

In this fast-paced and complex market, Mark prides himself on building a successful business based upon a foundation of integrity and trust. These important core values enable him to meet the challenges of his customers and retain a talented team of professionals.

Mark can be reached at 416-771-3277 (cell) or you can send Mark an email here.

Dave Marance

Dave Marance, Vice-President (Canada)

Dave has over 22 years in the concrete/chemical business. He began his career at Conchem (the chemical division of Larfarge Corporation) and later moved on to form Metalcrete Canada (a distributor and marketer of a wide range of cementitious and resinous concrete construction materials.

Dave joined Applied Industrial Flooring Canada in 2004. Dave holds a Certified Concrete Testing Certificate, issued by the ACI (American Concrete Institute).

Dave now lives in Guelph, Ontario and is married with three children.

Dave can be reached at 519-573-6004 (cell) or you can email Dave here.

Steve Parker

Steve Parker, Vice-President – US Operations (US)

Steve brings 25 years of flooring experience to the Applied Team. Steve holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Michigan State University, an ESD Auditor SHA Certificate, and many experiences with flooring and ionization over the past 25 years. He began his flooring career with Florline Corporation in the early 1980s as a Territory Sales Manager, then became a Regional Sales Manager, Division Manager prior to Rust-Oleum’s acquisition of Florline. Steve then became the Director of Sales for Rust-Oleum.

He later worked with a contracting firm installing polymer floors and then became one of the pioneers in 2002-2003 in concrete polishing. His company completed 140,000 sf of concrete polishing at a Lansing General Motors Facility and he has been polishing since that time. Steve is a member of CPAA. Steve’s greatest strength is in personal relationships by being respectful of customers, employees, and vendors. Managing expectations and over-delivering keeps people happy!

Steve lives in Mason, Michigan with his wife Deena and up to 8 children! He can be best reached at 517-712-0052 or you can send Steve an email here.

Ivan Knight

Ivan Knight, Sales Representative (Canada)

After spending many years in the polymer flooring business, Ivan came to Applied Industrial Flooring.

Ivan has 40 years working in construction, with considerable experience in the food and beverage industry.

Ivan lives in New Hamburg, Ontario.

Ivan can be reached at 519-546-5630 (cell) or by email here.

Fazal Ullah, Operations Manager (Canada)

Fazal has been involved in the technical/commercial support side of the protective coatings industry for over 20 years. His responsibilities include all aspects of organizing and implementing the materials, equipment and manpower requirements to ensure that Applied’s installations meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.

Fazal has Nace Level 3 Coating Inspection Certification and a Masters Degree in Chemistry. These achievements enable Fazal to operate at a high level with strong problem solving skills that ensure the preparation and installations are completed properly, on time and on budget. Delivering the goods with zero call backs allows Applied to maintain long term relations with our customers. Fazal’s end game – to outperform our competitors and make our customers our champions!

Fazal can be reached at 416-671-1619 (cell) or by email here.