Villa Nova Estates WINERY conversion TO FARM SHOP


Nom du projet : Villa Nova Estates Winery

Localisation : Townsend/Simcoe, Ontario

Propriétaire : Drew and Patti Goldsmith

Application : We helped the new owners of Villa Nova Estates Winery give their 1100 sq. ft of old, dusty, uncleanable floors a new life as they convert the facility over to a Farm Shop. This area will be used as both a farm shop during the winter, but also as an event space and social gathering area, meaning the flooring solution must be both functional and aesthetic. Installation of an abrasion-resistant epoxy floor system to refurbish and prepare an old winery floor for a new life as a farm shop for winter storage meant it must be tolerant to various chemicals, oils, and heavy farm vehicle traffic. 

Matériaux utilisés :

Exposition à l'environnement :

  • Heavy machinery
  • Impact of farm equipment and tools and other heavy traffic
  • Salt-degradation
  • Chemical-abrasion
  • Exposition aux hydrocarbures
  • Exposure to strong degreasing chemicals



Processus de sélection

Located on the eastern edge of beautiful Norfolk county is one of the areas oldest 100-acre boutique winery & cider mill named Villa Nova Estates. New owners have just purchased the property, however will no longer be running the facility as a vineyard, and as such are repurposing some spaces of the facility. 

Being previous flooring customers with Applied, the new owners of Villa Nova understand the importance of a durable flooring solution that can stand the tests of time for every area of their vineyard farm. This project in particular was a flooring conversion- what was an old wine production room floor is being converted to a newly-repurposed event space doubling as farm shop for storage during the winters. 

For this space, the customer was looking for a slip-resistant, abrasion-withstanding floor that was cleanable with good aesthetics. The budget only allowed for a coating system, so our solution was to provide a top of the line 3-coat system, which would meet the criteria in a creative, yet cost-effective fashion.

La solution

Great floors start with excellent preparation. The existing stained concrete was thoroughly prepared using our dust-free grinder to open the pores of the concrete and provide an aggressive profile for an enhanced mechanical bond. The control joints were routed, cleaned and filled with a flexible epoxy polyurea joint filler. All divots, cracks and damaged concrete were patched using epoxy and modified cementitious repair materials.

The customer wanted an aesthetically pleasing floor that was slip-resistant, cleanable, and impervious to abrasion. The budget only allowed for a coating system, so our solution was to provide a top of the line 3-coat system, which would meet the criteria. The first step was to prime the floor with a 100% solids epoxy primer by Protective Industrial Polymers, Protect 1000HB. This primer provides excellent bond to the substrate as well as to the subsequent coatings. An epoxy primer is a must for a premium coating installation. 

Our next step is always to screen the surface of the epoxy floor in order to remove any minor imperfections. Our next 2 coats go on very thin and will not hide imperfections from the patching or primer, so the underlying concrete must be meticulous, and coatings thereafter must be applied with expert attention to detail. As such, the floor must always be examined before moving to the subsequent step, which are small details often rushed through or skipped by most other flooring contractors. 

For the second and third coats we used a polyaspartic coating, Precidium 1150 from Quantum Chemical. This product has excellent properties and is easy to work (unlike most polyaspartics) with for higher aesthetics due to the additional working time on the floor. 

During our final coat we include texture by mixing in a proprietary glass-fill to the coating. This texture system provides excellent anti-slip and increases the abrasion resistance of the polyaspartic (which is already high). Since the glass texture system is rounded, it is still very cleanable even with a mop and bucket. Because the texture is entrapped within the system, the floor will remain slip-resistant as intended, and also yield a longer life-span than a typical texture system. 


This system met all of the customers needs and expectations, completed on time and on budget.  

The owners of Villa Nova Estates were very impressed with the appearance, the cost, and the results.


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