Epoxy Floors and Concrete Polishing in Hamilton, Cambridge & Southwestern Ontario

Flooring Cambridge Ontario, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Windsor and more

Applied Industrial Flooring Canada is your #1 epoxy flooring contractor for industrial and commercial resinous concrete floor topping installations in all of Southern Ontario including Cambridge, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Niagara, Windsor and more. Whether you’re looking for concrete floor topping or epoxy flooring in Hamilton Ontario or epoxy flooring in Cambridge Ontario, AIF holds Master Applicator status installing the top Suppliers across Canada, and has over 45 years experience installing industrial resinous floors in Southwestern Ontario. Learn more about our Cambridge epoxy flooring, Hamilton epoxy flooring, polyurethane, MMA floors, and more. We also install thicker, more technical overlayments including mortars, troweled floors, and self-levelling concrete floors.
AIF provides meticulous concrete floor polishing services in Hamilton, Kitchener, and the rest of Southern and Southwestern Ontario including dust proofing, floor sanding, adhesive removals and flooring surface preparation. Whether you are looking for concrete polishing in Hamilton, or concrete resurfacing London Ontario, AIF has a technical performance flooring solution for your facilities’ needs. Concrete Polishing is durable, cost-effective and long-lasting process that works by micro-buffing the top layer of concrete with a Diamond Grinding Polishing machine. This micro-buff mechanically and chemically hardens the uppermost surface into a harder, denser, less porous concrete surface that is dust-proof and easy to clean. Concrete polishing is ideal for commercial spaces such as retail stores, shop floors, and we are the #1 commercial flooring contractors in Southwestern and Southern Ontario.
Applied Industrial Floors is your certified premium installer of epoxy parking garage coatings, parking deck coating solutions, epoxy garage flooring and vehicular and pedestrian traffic membranes in Hamilton Ontario, Cambridge Ontario and the surrounding regions of Southern & Southwestern Ontario. Our urethane waterproofing membrane is necessary to protect concrete surfaces where concrete routinely suffers moisture exposure, high-traffic use, and chemical and oil exposure which could create corrosion or rust for the structural rebar underneath. This coating is ideal for concrete rooftop pool decks, balconies, stadiums, condo-buildings, parking garages and parking decks.
Why Choose Applied Industrial Flooring in Southwestern Ontario?
Applied Industrial Floors is Ontario’s leading epoxy floors installation and concrete polishing companies, providing commercial and industrial flooring systems in Southern and Southwestern Ontario including Cambridge, Hamilton, Waterloo, Kitchener, London, Niagara, Windsor and surrounding cities. We specialize in epoxy flooring, urethane coatings, MMA flooring and concrete polishing in Southern Ontario servicing the food and beverage, warehousing, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, office buildings and other large facilities with advanced industrial flooring needs. These industries require seamless, easy to clean, anti-bacterial floors, electro-static discharging floors, abrasion-resistant floors and more. We also offer other commercial flooring and industrial solutions in Southern Ontario, Cambridge, Hamilton, London, Waterloo, Windsor and surrounding regions near you such as concrete polishing, traffic membranes and vehicular and pedestrian waterproofing coatings, concrete floor finishing, decorative concrete garage floor epoxy, slab stabilization, waterproofing crack injections, containment coating linings, and more. AIF has been installing the Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Flooring in the Southern Ontario region for over 45 years.
Installing an epoxy or urethane floor provides your Cambridge, Hamilton, Kitchener or other Southern Ontario facility with a seamless, easy to clean, eco-friendly, aesthetic flooring system which is also chemical and abrasion-resistant, safe, can be decorative or include colour to mark certain areas or include branding, improves productivity.
What are the benefits of concrete polishing in Hamilton?
The best way to level and recoat uneven concrete floor slabs is to stabilize and lift the slab from below, to prevent further deterioration and shifting of the concrete. AIF will stabilize concrete slabs using a process called Slab Stabilization, and afterwards will buff the uneven slabs back to level and even. From here, we can either polish concrete, or install one of our industrial flooring system solutions of epoxy, MMA, urethane or a self-levelling slurry system.
Applied Industrial Flooring is one of the most experienced MMA and urethane contractors in the Southern & Southwestern Ontario regions. MMA is one of the quickest curing flooring solutions available odourous- need vaccuum pressure- to remove, non VOC.
Yes, we can install coloured sections for either safety demarkations or branding desires in your industrial epoxy floors. Our AIF team will present you with our standard colour chart prior to installation of your epoxy or urethane industrial floor and design the floor to meet your specs and needs. We can also stain and colour polished concrete floors for your facility near Cambridge Ontario and surrounding regions.