COCA COLA BOTTLING warehouse Floor


Nom du projet : Coca Cola Bottle Warehouse

Localisation : Brampton, Ontario

Propriétaire : Coca Cola Canada

Application : Installation of a urethane concrete floor system into the production and bottling areas of a beverage manufacturing facility.

Matériaux utilisés :

Exposition à l'environnement :

  • Heavy machinery
  • Impact of equipment and heavy forklift traffic
  • Chemical-abrasion
  • Exposition aux hydrocarbures
  • Lavages de routine


mid-installation of stainless steel slot drains in a 3-coat slip resistant epoxy floor at coca colas bottle warehouse in Brampton, Ontario


SOLS Processus de sélection

Coca Cola is no stranger to high-performance resinous flooring.

For this space, Coca Cola required a smooth, slip-resistant, abrasion-withstanding floor that was easy to clean and maintain overall. Heavy tall skids of products are being transported to and from shipping bays at all times in this warehouse facility. With the constant traffic and food and beverage product storage, easy to clean, yet slip-free was a must.

With this being an active facility, turnaround time was critical. Coca Cola has daily weekday shipments, with many loading docks in use at a given time, so working as efficiently as possible during the night was necessary to complete this job. 

Applied installed a top-of-the-line 3-coat epoxy polyurethane system, which checked all the boxes Coca Cola required for the space in order to create a safer and more productive environment. 

La solution COATING

Applied was able to work around the clients schedule to ensure a like new smooth Diamond Grind Polished floor using our 600 volt HTC Grinders with hepa filtration. We patched all cracks and imperfections with an epoxy mortar and provided 7 passes to a fine 1500 grit. We finished the floor burnishing with a Bellatrix enhancer to provide a mirror like finish.

In addition adjacent to the shipping area Coca cola required a durable chemical resistant non slip production floor system for their new line of equipment. Coca Cola also required an easy to clean due to sugary spills and forklift bearing drain system.
Applied installed our top selling floor 3 coat Epoxy with a Polyurethane gloss grip topcoat. This provided chemical resistance from their products and cleaning products. It is easy to clean due to the non jagged gloss grip. We also installed Stainless steel slot drains for a safe and functional drainage system with auto flush timers. This ensures an easy to clean and forklift bearing drainage system. Again we were able to work around other trades and meet the turnaround timelines for a fully cured functional floor.


This system met all of the customers needs and expectations, completed on time and on budget.  

Coca Cola’s Warehouse Managers were very impressed with the appearance, the cost, and the results.


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