Flooring Preparation

We understand the preparation to a bondable surface is crucial to the performance of your floor installation. At the same time, we understand that speed and dust control are prime objectives to minimize your down-time.

Floor chipping


Detailing of surface cover removal of localized areas of dead concrete. These are all crucial to 100% performance.

Hand diamond grinding with dust control

Hand Diamond Grinding with Dust Control

Advanced dry grinding diamond technology allows for hand grinding to efficiently prepare edges, under equipment and constricted areas.

Scarification with dust control

Scarification with Dust Control

Scarification allows for effective surface removal for localized and restricted areas.

Mechanical shotblasting

Mechanical Shotblasting

High speed surface profiling and the removal of thin-film coating for large areas.

Dry diamond grinding

Dry Diamond Grinding

High speed surface removal of up to 1/2 inch thick polymer coverings for large areas.