Needs Analysis

It is Applied Flooring’s business to understand your Floor Needs. In order to generate an appropriate floor system suited for your needs, we utilize two tools, the Floor Audit® and the Floor Needs Profile. Both tools are exclusive to Applied.

The Floor Audit® is a floor inventory in descriptive and pictorial form. The Floor Needs Profile (FNP) is the recording of what your flooring priorities are based on the criteria to include the following:

Environmental: such as containment protection.

Operational Changes: that include change of use requiring slope installation or removal.

Functionality: include repairing of worn cracks or joints that hinder the movement of product.

Safety: including use identification lines, and floor profiling.
Life Expectancy: which include durability and temporary, short-term applications.

Hygiene: cleanability is crucial for many industries.

Project Scope: from local repairs to whole plant retrofits.

Your priorities are matched with your required conditions that include the following:

      • Confined or open areas
      • Hot or cold temperatures
      • Wet or dry operating conditions
      • High or low humidity
      • Day or night installation
      • During production or shut-down time
      • Short or long installation window
      • High or low odour threshold
      • Noise tolerance
      • Dust tolerance

Applied then designs your floor system(s), based on the information yielded by the Floor Audit® and your FNP; a floor system tailored to fit your requirements.