The biggest part of your installation that you do not see. Our pre-installation effort to make sure that there are no surprises, and that the installation runs smooth and on time.

From our 7 simple steps for Installation:

1.  Equipment and materials are selected and assembled.

    • Maintaining our equipment and vehicle fleet ‘job-ready’ at all times.
    • Arranging availability of the required equipment.
    • Arranging for the material to be on hand the day before shipment.
    • Arranging for consumables and tools to be assembled the day before shipment.
    • Arranging the appropriate vehicle and loading the staged equipment and materials with appropriate documentation.

2.  Job scheduling is confirmed with you, the customer.

    • Arranging access for the crew, and area availability for the duration of the installation.
    • Arranging power hook-up (where necessary).
    • Arranging transport of equipment and materials.

3.  Your crew is scheduled for the site to execute the installation with ongoing monitoring by the Applied sales staff responsible for your job.

    • Arranging a job review with the crew chief prior to the installation.
    • Confirming with the sales staff member the site arrival of the crew.