Flooring Application

Batch mixing

Batch Mixing

Organizing the mixing process into a systematic execution in order to supply the application speed allows for your floor to be finished on schedule.

Power screeding

Power Screeding

Screeding is the transfer of the mixed matrix to the floor in a consistently uniform thickness. Power screeding is state-of-the-art high-speed matrix application.

Power trowelling

Power Trowelling

Finishing the applied floor by machine provides faster finishing, a larger leveling surface and better compaction. At Applied Flooring, we have invested in a substantial power trowel fleet from 40 in. to 24 in. diameter in size, both in gas and electric, in order to assure completion of the floor application to your specifications.

Hand trowelling

Hand Trowelling

For areas that are constricted, restricted and too small for machines, finishing application is made by Applied’s trained mechanics.



Whether the coating is applied directly over the concrete substrate, or over an installed matrix, our floor mechanics are trained to apply the specified product to meet your requirements.