Primary and Secondary Containment Systems

Leakproof Spill containment

Industrial, chemical oil, and water storage tanks, silos, drums, cisterns, or containers usually keep their liquid contents in check without incident. In order to be OSHA and EPA compliant, facilities require fully-sealed spill containment systems around these pieces of equipment consisting of one or two curbing dykes or spill berms to provide safety should any leakage or spillage occur. These primary and/or secondary containment systems are installed easily and should be sealed with industrial grade polyurethane/polyurea liners. This layer polyurea sealant acts as a more permanent, waterproof cistern liner and ensures your containment areas are strongly protected against leakage that could put employees, surrounding equipment, your facility, and the environment at risk.

The problem

  • Toxic or oil-based materials are stored in your facility.
  • Outdoor or environmental spillage concerns
  • Close employee and/or equipment proximity to storage tanks

Our Solution

AIF is an industry-leading applicator of high-density polyurethane and polyurea industrial coatings which provide a waterproof, chemical-proof, and leak-proof membrane to liquid-containing tanks and their surrounding primary and secondary containment berms/systems. Our seamless, leakproof coating installations create an instant bond that reinforces the surfaces against which they are applied, and are industrial grade to withstand the harshest chemicals, fuel, oils, grain handling, and heavy-duty machinery in the case of liquid leakage in your working facility. Polyurethane and polyurea coatings also protect your physical equipment such as water tanks, silos, and pipelines for a longer life span as they currently operate.


  • Seamless, durable, waterproof and leak-proof spill prevention
  • Resistant to the harshest oil, gas, chemicals, wastewater.
  • Ultra-fast curing and easy installation
  • Bonds permanently and can be applied to all materials
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting: 20+ years
  • Slip and skid resistant when textured surface is utilized/added
  • Impact-absorbent and vibration/noise reducing
  • Protects employees, flooring, and the environment
  • Offered in a wide variety of colours