Primary and Secondary Containment

Primary and Secondary Containment Coatings and Linings

Many industrial plants require the use, storage and distribution of chemicals. Facilities that use chemicals are required to adhere to strict policies preventing soil and ground water contamination. Penalties for breaches and spills can be a real threat to any production facility.

Industries containing solvent, corrosive, acidic, flammable and other hazardous substances are exposed. Imperious chemically resistant barriers can go a long way in preventing breaches through containment structures and reducing risk. These areas demand expertise and state of the art solutions.

The benefits associated with chemically resistant containment include:

• reducing the cost of expensive repair to production facilities related to chemical attack
• providing a safer environment for employees to work
• improving the productivity of the facility
• protecting the plant infrastructure from chemical attack and corrosion
• reducing the loss of expensive chemicals
• reducing the risk of fines and penalties relating to spills and breaches

The challenging environments include:

• linings to protect against thermal cycling.
• vinyl ester protective barrier and liners designed for extreme chemical attack.
• novalac chemistry for the most severe oxidizing containment environments
• spark proof chemically resistant containment



Applied Industrial Flooring will provide protective barriers for the most demanding conditions.
Solid design of high performance polymer linings for corrosive environments require engineering to meet the specific needs of the facility. Sadly, most failures of these containment systems are the result of poor design and attention to detail.

Key components of the engineered details must include the following:

• crack repair detail
• trench details
• terminations and joints in the concrete and barrier system
• grout and patches where corrosion has compromised the containment vessel

Our customers requires full confidence that the engineered solution will meet or exceed their challenging requirements. By aligning ourselves with world leaders in this technology, Applied is able to offer superior single source warranties.

Project management and attention to detail is what separates Applied from the competition. Our 40 years of experience give our customers the confidence to know they are in good hands.