Chemical Resistant Floors

Chemical-resistant floors

Battery Charging Areas

Protection the concrete floor slab against sulphuric acid at 65% and up concentration, and at the same time providing abrasion, gouging and impact resistance, required for forklift truck use.

Spillage in Production Areas

Knowing the names of your production chemicals is not enough to provide the right flooring. Understanding the length of exposure, the temperature and the frequency of the spillage is vital to proper material choice.

Lining of Containment Area

Containment linings are designed for short-term immersion exposure. (24 to 72 hours).

Pit Lining

Unlike containment areas, pits hold chemical for long periods and require assurance that the installed lining protects against corrosion and leakage by chemicals held in them. APPLIED gives you peace of mind by providing additional inspection program to their pit linings.

Trench Lining

Trenches generally have lower chemical concentration exposure, but require added protection against the abrasive action of moving liquid. It is also important to understand the corrosive nature of the liquids at the surface line when the liquid is at rest in the trench.

At Applied Flooring, we make it our business to understand your chemistry and custom fit you with a floor that meets your requirements.