Vision & Strategy

Applied’s Mission

• By striving for excellence we generate loyalty and lifelong relationships with our customers.
• Through empowered employees and relentless service we transform our clients into our champions.

Our Vision

• Identify and hire the best people.
• always be honest and ethical
• utilize the best technology available in our industry
• develop good problem solving skills
• outperform our competitors


Customer Strategy – Make Them CHAMPIONS!

At Applied, we work together with our customers to thoroughly understand the needs and conditions of the environment. A strategy is developed incorporating proper preparation techniques and materials to deliver floor solutions that will meet or exceed customer expectations.

We are trained to conduct full Applied Floor Audits® in order to provide you with the right product, application, equipment and process to meet your requirements. The more we know about your needs, the better!Epoxy Flooring 3

At Applied, we continue to align ourselves with product leaders who have proven track records. We do not restrict ourselves to one material manufacturer. Your Applied floor solution is carefully selected from a wide range of systems and expertise. You can trust that the floor we manufacture at your site is the one best suited to your needs.

Our sales staff are trained to provide solutions that work for you. Our incentive is based on zero call-backs. The salesman’s goal is simple – long term relationships with repeat customers. How do we do it? Deliver the goods – it’s that commitment that separates us from the competition. That’s the only way to build trust with our customers and make them our CHAMPIONS!